7 Green Elements

Run for Green

1. Bring Your Own Cup

The organizer strongly encourages participants to bring your own cup. There is a self-serve water station in Carnival. Please be remembered to bring your own cup to enjoy the refreshment.

2. Recycling Service

There are several “Recycling stations” that will be set all around the carnival site. The organizer strongly encourages runners to use the recycling service and please follow the instructions from our “Green Ambassador”.

3. Collection of Extra Souvenir

There is a souvenir collection station that will be set at the carnival site in order to collect all extra or inapplicable souvenirs from participants.

4. No baggage Bag

The organizer will not provide any baggage bag in order to reduce the wastage of plastic products. Participants are advised to bring a waterproof baggage bag in case it rains.

5. E-Runner Guide

An E-version of the runner guide will be used to replace the hard copy version to save the trees.

6. Option of No Runner Vest

Participants can choose the “No need” option of the runner vest during online application.

7. Food & Beverage donation

​The organizer will donate all extra and undistributed food & beverages to a charitable organization.