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“Run! So more can run with us!” Let’s bring about positive changes to our Youths!

Every HKD150 donated = fund for 1 secondary school student in need to attend one Youth.ROC class





RunOurCity Foundation Limited

RunOurCity Foundation Limited is a locally registered charitable organization established in 2013. Its “Youth.ROC” program is an eight-week professional and systematic running course for young people.


The program aims to help young people building confidence, perseverance and getting physically stronger. During the program, young people are encouraged to run 10km to build up their stamina, persistence, and determination, which are important to them nowadays as they face increasing challenges in life.





Beneficiary Project: Youth.ROC

Through the program, youngsters will be trained to build up their coordination, stamina, and persistence, thus promoting healthier growth and boosting self confidence, focus and determination.


Program Contents:

The program takes reference from the professional experience of similar programs overseas, designing a nurturing scheme that is fun, easily comprehensible and applicable, so to let students strive for their goals, stay positive, be dare to challenge and improve their physique.  Students may broaden their social circle, and develop leadership skills. The 8-week training program puts emphasis on learning and enjoying, hoping students can build up passion for street running, and make it part of their lives. The first 4 weeks target to induce interest in running, and increase students’ understanding of their own neighbourhood, they will also get acquaint with each other through games, and learn about basic stretching movements to avoid injury.  In midst of the program, students will start to learn about motor coordination and control of the breathing rhythm, at the same time increasing speed and persistence. The last 4 weeks will comprise of long distance training, and students will be required to record their running experience.

Since the commencement of the program, we have provided training for more than 280 schools and organizations.  Until now, the program has benefited near 11,000 youngsters, including minorities, Youth at risk, rehabilitated and ethnic youths, and brought about positive changes to their lives and well-being with the training.  Youth.ROC is also supported by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR, and to be introduced to all secondary schools in Hong Kong, so that running can be part of youth life pattern.

Therefore, we hope that fund raised through Yakult Health Run can help channel the Youth.ROC program to more, if not all 400, secondary schools.


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Donation method: Online Donation

Donation deadline: 8th January 2020